Arthroplast Today. 2021 Apr; 8: 63–68.

Occlusion of an Aortobifemoral Graft after Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty

Chad R. Ishmael, MD,a Scott A. Galey, MD,a Jonathan D. Gatto, MD,b and Erik N. Zeegen, MDa,∗

With the aging population, the demand for total hip arthroplasty is rising. Improvements in arthroplasty techniques and design allow for total hip arthroplasty to be increasingly performed in older patients and those with multiple comorbidities. Complications are rare in young and healthy patients; however, there is greater risk in patients with multiple medical comorbidities and those who have had prior revision procedures. Large-vessel thrombosis is an especially rare, but potentially devastating, complication, particularly in patients with existing major-vessel bypass grafts. Only 3 case reports of major-vessel graft occlusion after total hip arthroplasty have been reported in the literature, and none after revision. In this article, we report a case of occlusion of an aortobifemoral graft after revision total hip arthroplasty for periprosthetic joint infection.

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