International Orthopaedics February 2009, 33:7

Navigation knee replacement

Dattani, R., Patnaik, S., Kantak, A. et al.

Total knee replacement (TKR) achieves an immediate and exceptional restoration in the quality of life that is comparable only to a few other procedures. It has been suggested that the most common cause of revision TKR is error in surgical technique, from malpositioning of the components which results in a poorer post-operative outcome. Based on the theoretical assumption that the use of computer-assisted systems (CAS) in TKRs may improve implant alignment and thus implant longevity, the use of this technology is becoming increasingly popular. This article (a) reviews whether computer-assisted TKR (CASTKR) results in improved prosthesis alignment compared with the conventional technique, (b) assesses the functional and clinical outcomes of CASTKR and (c) evaluates the cost-effectiveness of using this technology.

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