Acta Orthop. 2011;82:1-5.

Increasing incidence of hip arthroplasty for primary osteoarthritis in 30- to 59-year-old patients.

Skyttä ET, Leskinen J, Eskelinen A, Huhtala H, Remes V.

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: The use of hip arthroplasties is evidently increasing, but there are few published data on the incidence in young patients.

METHODS: We used data on total and resurfacing hip arthroplasties (THAs and RHAs) from the Finnish Arthroplasty Register and population data from Statistics Finland to analyze the incidences of THA and RHA in patients aged 30-59 years in Finland, for the period 1980 through 2007.

RESULTS: The combined incidences of THAs and RHAs among 30- to 59-year-old inhabitants increased from 9.5 per 10(5) inhabitants in 1980 to 61 per 10(5) inhabitants in 2007. Initially, the incidence of THA was higher in women than men, but since the mid-90s the incidences were similar. The incidence increased in all age groups studied (30-39, 40-49, and 50-59 years) but the increase was 6-fold and 36-fold higher in the latter two groups than in the first. The incidence of THA was constant; the increased incidence of overall hip arthroplasty was due to the increasing number of RHAs performed.

INTERPRETATION: We have found a steady increase in the incidence of hip arthroplasty in patients with primary hip osteoarthritis in Finland, with an accelerating trend in the past decade, due to an increase in the incidence of RHA. As the incidence of hip osteoarthritis has not increased, the indications for hip arthroplasty appear to have become broader.

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