The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 29, Issue 9, 1729 - 1732

Dental Clearance Prior to Elective Arthroplasty May Not be Needed for Everyone

Tokarski, Anthony T. et al.
Hip Knee

We investigated the prevalence and risk factors for preoperative dental clearance failure in joint arthroplasty patients. Over a 5-month period, all patients scheduling total joint arthroplasty completed a dental questionnaire. Data collected included demographics, medical and dental history, dental hygiene practices, frequency of dental care, and results of dental clearance. Of the 300 patients, 35 (12%) failed dental clearance. Risk factors included tobacco use, poor flossing habits, history of tooth extraction, age, narcotic use, and lack of a dentist visit within 12 months. Of 189 patients who lacked the 3 least prevalent risk factors (tobacco use, narcotic use, no dental visit within 12 months), 11 (6%) failed dental clearance. Selective dental clearance based on patient risk stratification may be a reasonable approach.

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