The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. British volume Vol. 94-B, No. 12

Cemented polyethylene and cementless porous-coated acetabular components have similar outcomes at a mean of seven years after total hip replacement

D. S. Angadi, S. Brown, E. J. P. Crawfurd

The aim of this prospective randomised study was to compare the clinical and radiological results of a cemented all-polyethylene Ultima acetabular component with those of a cementless porous-coated acetabular component (PFC) following total hip replacement (THR). A total of 287 patients received either a polyethylene acetabular component (group A) or a cobalt–chromium porous-coated component (group B) with an identical cemented femoral component and 28 mm cobalt-chromium head, thus making it the largest study of its type. Patients were evaluated radiologically and clinically using the Harris hip score (HHS). Group A comprised 183 patients (73 male, 110 female) with a mean age of 71.3 years (55 to 89). Group B comprised 104 patients (48 male, 56 female) with a mean age of 69.8 years (56 to 89). A total of 16 patients (13 in Group A, three in Group B) did not have post-operative data for analysis. The mean follow-up in group A was 7.52 years (0.4 to 15.0) and in Group B 7.87 years (0.5 to 14.0).


At final follow-up the mean HHS was similar between groups A and B (74.5 (25 to 100) and 78.0 (37 to 100), respectively; p = 0.068). The total number of revisions for any cause was 28, 17 of which were in group A and 11 in group B. The ten-year survivorship was 86.8% (95% confidence interval (CI) 78.4 to 92.1) and 89.2% (95% CI 78.3 to 94.8) for groups A and B, respectively (log-rank p-value = 0.938). A total of 20 cemented and two cementless acetabular components had evidence of acetabular radiolucencies or acetabular component migration at last follow-up (p = 0.001).


These results indicate that patients with a cemented all-polyethylene and cementless porous-coated polyethylene lined acetabular component have similar long-term clinical outcomes.

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