Scandinavian Journal of Surgery 95: 55–60, 2006

Unrestricted Weight Bearing and intensive Physiotherapy after Uncemented total hip arthroplasty

H. Ström, K. Huss, S. Larsson

Background and Aims: the effectiveness of partial weightbearing after hip surgery has been questioned as well as the need of intensive physiotherapy.


Material and Methods: 36 patients (average age 54.4, 19 women) operated with uncemented hip arthroplasty were randomized either to unrestricted weightbearing (UWB) combined with intensive physiotherapy or to partial weightbearing (PWB) for 3 months combined with a short self-training program. the load during walking and the muscle strength (ms) in abduction was measured preoperative and subsequent up to 12 months.


Results: the average peak load on the operated leg at one week was 39.0 kg for the UWB and 25.8 for the PWB group (P= 0.009) while at three months 70.0 and 31.7 (P= 0.001) respectively. at 6 and 12 months there were no differences between the groups. the muscle strength increased in both groups up to six months but there were no differences between the groups.


Conclusions: even though patients applied more load than the recommended 15 kg most patients were able to comply with partial weightbearing fairly well. the effect of intensive physiotherapy on the muscle strength after hip arthroplasty is questionable.

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