International Orthopaedics June 2012, Volume 36, Issue 6, pp 1149–1154

The outcome of the cementless tapered SL-Plus stem: an analysis of arthroplasty register data

Labek, G., Kovac, S., Levasic, V. et al.


The aim of this study is to evaluate the outcome of the cementless SL-Plus stem in worldwide arthroplasty register datasets.


A structured analysis was conducted the registered data about the SL-Plus stem manufactured by Smith&Nephew including published data from Australia as well as previously unpublished datasets from the Registers of Lombardia, Italy and Valdoltra, Slovenia. A total of 75% of the data analysed had not been published so far. The primary outcome measure was the revision rate, calculated in revisions per 100 observed component years. We evaluated a total of 10,684 primary and 122 revision surgeries with an average follow-up period of four years.


All datasets showed good and reproducible results for treatment with the SL-Plus stem. An average of 0.31 revisions per 100 observed component years had been reported, which is considerably below the worldwide average (1.29) found for total hip arthroplasty independent of the product. The results of a large centre did not essentially deviate from the revision rates in Lombardia, where the numbers of cases per department are relatively low on average.


There were no indications for product defects or relevant errors in application. The SL-Plus stem can be considered a high-quality product that ensures good results also in the hands of less experienced surgeons. Data from even young registers can substantially contribute to the assessment of implants, even with the short follow-up periods. These datasets particularly allow for valid assessment of safety issues and can therefore make an essential contribution to the solution of problems of current relevance.

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