The Knee, ISSN: 0968-0160, Vol: 16, Issue: 6, Page: 452-457

The mean anatomical shape of the tibial plateau at the knee arthroplasty resection level: An investigation using MRI

Hartel, Maximilian J; Loosli, Yannick; Gralla, Jan; Kohl, Sandro; Hoppe, Sven; Röder, Christoph; Eggli, Stefan
Clinical assessments after Total Knee Arthroplasty (TKA) show persisting pain after implantation in over 20% of patients. Impingement of soft tissue around the knee, due to imprecise geometry of the tibial implant, can be one reason for persisting ailment. Two hundred and thirty seven MRI scans were evaluated using an active contour detection algorithm (snake) to obtain a high-resolution mean anatomical shape of the tibial plateau. Differences between female and male, older and younger (≤ 40/> 40) and left and right averaged shapes were determined. The shapes obtained were asymmetric throughout. Absolute differences between the subgroups fell short of inter-individual variations represented by calculated one- σ confidence intervals. Our results indicate that a differentiation in TKA tibial plateau design by gender, age, or side is of minor relevance.

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