The Knee, ISSN: 0968-0160, Vol: 17, Issue: 1, Page: 29-32

The incidence and results of manipulation after primary total knee arthroplasty

Richard A. Rubinstein Jr.; Alex DeHaan

This study investigates a cohort of patients who required a manipulation after total knee arthroplasty (TKA) to determine whether there was an association between pre-TKA and post-manipulation range of motion (ROM). Thirty-seven of 800 TKAs were manipulated (4.6% incidence); complete data were available for 36 knees. The pre-TKA stiff group (< 110° total arc of motion; n = 16), on average, had 27° less arc of motion before TKA than the non-stiff group ( n = 20; p < 0.001). Mean arc of motion in the stiff group was 68° before manipulation and 109° after manipulation ( p < 0.001). Mean arc of motion in the non-stiff group was 80° before manipulation and 118° after manipulation ( p < 0.001). Patients with pre-TKA stiffness improved from a total arc of motion of 94 to 109 ( p < 0.001) while patients without pre-TKA stiffness changed from 121 to 118 ( p  = 0.169). In both groups, the success of TKA can still be high despite early motion loss and subsequent manipulation.

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