International Orthopaedics August 2004, Volume 28, Issue 4, pp 198–201

The accuracy of free-hand cup positioning – a CT based measurement of cup placement in 105 total hip arthroplasties

Saxler, G., Marx, A., Vandevelde, D. et al.

We studied 105 patients who received a total hip arthroplasty between June 1985 and August 2001 using freehand positioning of the acetabular cup. Using pelvic CT scan and the hip-plan module of SurgiGATE-System (Medivision, Oberdorf, Switzerland), we measured the angles of inclination and anteversion of the cup. Mean inclination angle was 45.8°±10.1° (range: 23.0–71.5°) and mean anteversion angle was 27.3°±15.0° (range: −23.5° to 59.0°). We compared the results to the “safe” position as defined by Lewinnek et al. and found that only 27/105 cups were implanted within the limits of the safe position. We conclude that a safe position as defined by Lewinnek et al. [] was only achieved in a minority of the cups that were implanted freehand.

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