International Orthopaedics June 2005, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp 135–139

Structural allograft and primary press-fit cup for severe acetabular deficiency

Traina, F., Giardina, F., De Clerico, M. et al.

Between October 1992 and December 1996, 23 patients with pelvic bone stock deficiency involving major columns underwent revision surgery with a cementless press-fit cup and a structural bone graft. Twenty cases were followed up for a minimum of 6 (average 7.6, range 6–11) years. Three cups were revised: one for aseptic loosening, one for septic loosening, and one for recurrent dislocation. At latest follow-up, the average Merle d’Aubigné hip score improved from 10.9 to 16.2; four hips were rated excellent, seven very good, three good, two fair, and one poor. All cups were stable; the grafts were integrated and anatomy was restored. The Kaplan–Meier cumulative probability of not having revision for loosening at 11 years, predicted a survival rate of 84.4%. We are confident that these results are satisfactory for a very demanding procedure.

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