BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2019 20:332

Severe Wear and multiple Pseudotumor formation due to revision for ceramic head breakage after ceramic-on-ceramic Total hip arthroplasty: a case report

Dan Xing, Chaolei Yang, Rujun Li, Yunfei Hou, Bolong Kou, Hu Li & Jianhao Lin


Head breakage is a serious complication following total hip arthroplasty when using Ceramic on Ceramic bearings surfaces. There is still in controversy about the selection of bearing surfaces when conducting revision surgery.

Case presentation

We describe the case of a fifty-year-old man who had undergone right total hip arthroplasty (THA) with ceramic-on-ceramic prostheses in 2011. After a fall 6 years after the primary procedures, radiographs suggested a ceramic head breakage for revision THA with exchange of metal-on-polyethylene bearing. However, 8 months later, severe metallosis and multiple pseudotumor was confirmed in pelvis and surrounding hip after re-revision THA with ceramic-on-polyethylene prostheses. Analysis of the serum metal ion indicated massive wear of the metal head and erosion of the stem neck and taper.


This case vividly demonstrates metal bearings should be avoided and revision with complete synovectomy and thorough debridement should be performed whenever possible for a fractured ceramic bearing.

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