RM Pressfit® Cup: Good Preliminary Results at 5 to 8 Years Follow-Up for 189 Patients. HIP International, 26(4), 386–391.

RM Pressfit® Cup: Good Preliminary Results at 5 to 8 Years Follow-Up for 189 Patients

Erivan, R., Eymond, G., Villatte, G., Mulliez, A., Myriam, G., Descamps, S., & Boisgard, S. (2016).

The RM Classic® cup shows very good results. The RM Pressfit® cup has an equatorial pressfit; it is a monoblock implant without metalback. The aim of this study was to evaluate retrospectively the survival of this implant, monitoring patients for at least 5 years in all consecutive cases operated in our centre.

Between February 2006 and December 2008, our department performed 189 consecutive nonselected primary total hip arthroplasties using the RM® Pressfit cup, and all of these were included in the study. The operative technique involved an anterolateral approach. The latest follow-up evaluation was performed at a minimum of 5 years after the index arthroplasty.

The mean follow-up was 6.5 years (5-8 years). We had preoperative information for 186 of the 189 patients. 102 patients were seen in consultation (54.0%), 46 (24.3%) patients were contacted by phone, 37 (19.6%) patients died, and 4 patients (2.1%) were lost for unknown reasons. Of the 189 arthroplasties, 6 (3.2%) required revision; 4 (2.1%) for infection, 1 (0.5%) for significant haematoma with persistent deglobulisation and 1 (0.5%) for periprosthetic calcification during the 5 to 8 years following the operation. No hip was revised because of aseptic loosening. The mean annual wear rate based on the last follow-up at 5 years minimum was 0.065 mm per year. We observed no migration, 1 femoral loosening and no acetabular loosening.

Our study finds a good survival rate which is compatible with the 94% at 20 years with RM Classic®. These results are suggestive but must be confirmed with long-term studies.

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