The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 27, Issue 2, 232 - 237.e1

Rehospitalizations, Early Revisions, Infections, and Hospital Resource Use in the First Year After Hip and Knee Arthroplasties

Bohm, Eric R. et al.
Hip Knee

We examined 3 negative outcomes for 58 351 hip and knee arthroplasty patients: rehospitalization, revision and infection, and their impact on resource use in the year after surgery. In the year before surgery, 12.9% of elective hip and 10.2% of knee patients were hospitalized. In the year after, 14.8% of elective hip and 15.5% of knee patients were hospitalized, representing a 15% and 52% increase, respectively. Twenty-eight percent of emergent hip patients were hospitalized at least once preoperatively; this did not change after surgery. Revision occurred in 2.0% of emergent hip, 1.7% of elective hip, and 0.9% of knee patients. Joint infection was diagnosed in 1.3% of patients. The increased hospitalization after the elective hip and knee procedures represents an incremental cost of 10% over the index hospital stay.

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