Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research: March 2016 - Volume 474 - Issue 3 - p 850–853 doi: 10.1007/s11999-015-4217-x Case Report

Recurrent Hemarthroses After TKA Treated With an Intraarticular Injection of Yttrium-90

Fine, Stephen, MBBCh, FRACS1,a; Klestov, Alex, MBBS, BSc, FRACP2

Background Recurrent hemarthroses after a TKA are uncommon and usually respond to nonoperative treatment or intervention using angiographic embolization or synovectomy. However, in rare circumstances, the problem can be resistant to treatment.


Case Description We report the case of a patient who had recurrent hemarthroses after a TKA. During the first 18 months after surgery, the patient experienced 48 episodes consistent with bleeding into the knee. The bleeding episodes recurred despite use of traditional treatments, including arthroscopy, open synovectomy and embolization of a small, false aneurysm. The patient ultimately received an intraarticular injection of yttrium-90 silica/citrate, and the hemarthroses ceased soon after the injection. At last review, 25 months after the injection, the patient had experienced no additional bleeding episodes.


Literature Review On review of the literature, we found only one other report in which yttrium-90 was used successfully in a similar situation.


Clinical Relevance Yttrium-90 may be considered a treatment option in patients with recurrent hemarthroses after TKA, especially when the condition has not responded to more traditional treatments. The long-term risk of treatment with yttrium-90 for recurrent hemarthroses after a TKA remains unclear.

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