Pre-Hospital Medications in Total Hip Arthroplasty: Risk Factors for Poor Outcomes. HIP International. 2015;25(3):215-220.

Pre-Hospital Medications in Total Hip Arthroplasty: Risk Factors for Poor Outcomes

Dietrich M, Zingg PO, Egbring M, Kamath AF, Dora C.

The influence of co-morbidities on complication rates and length of hospitalisation after surgery is well recognised. Clinical instruments predicting this influence, are of increasing interest. We sought to determine whether a count of a patient’s preoperative pharmaceuticals would be associated to postoperative outcomes.

In this retrospective, consecutive case series, 668 patients undergoing elective primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) were analysed. Age, gender, BMI, ASA-classification, nicotine or alcohol abuse, and the number and type of medications were documented.

Mean age was 63 years (18-94), 53% were females. A total of 60 (8.9%) local and 19 (2.8%) systemic complications occurred during hospital stay. A total of 11 (1.6%) patients died, while 49 (7.3%) local complications occurred during the first postoperative year. Length of hospital stay, blood transfusions, and morbidity were found to be significantly related to the quantity of medications (p<0.001). While the risk of an extended hospital stay (>7 days) increased by a factor of 1.15 (CI: 1.08-1.22) with each medication, the risk of experiencing a complication within the first postoperative year was 1.19 times (CI: 1.07-1.29) for each additional medication. Type of medication also influenced morbidity: the odds ratio was 1.89 (CI: 1.05-3.41) for platelet inhibiting agents and 4.07 (CI: 1.96-8.42) for oral anticoagulants in early morbidity, which increased to 6.05 (CI:2.92-12.53) in 1-year follow-up.

The investigation illustrated the significant influence of the number and/or type of medication on complications, morbidity and prolonged hospital stay. This predictive tool may be useful, for physicians and non-health professionals, in estimating particular outcomes after elective THA.

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