The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 8, 1321 - 1326

Patient Factors Predict Functional Outcomes After Cruciate Retaining TKA

Roth, Justin S. et al.

We analyzed preoperative patient characteristics and postoperative functional outcomes to identify the most predictive preoperative characteristics of postoperative functional outcome for Cruciate Retaining (CR) TKA. In a prospective, multicenter study, 307 knees with minimum 2-year follow-up were first divided into groups based on 2-year functional performance. Logistic regression then determined SF-36 General Health Score (GHS) to be the most predictive preoperative patient characteristic. Subsequently, a second analysis was performed using preoperative SF-36 GHS to stratify patients into groups. Statistical significance was achieved in both analyses by gender, BMI and hypertension. Statistical significance was achieved in a single analysis by age, preoperative narcotic use, preoperative metabolic medication usage, preoperative pulmonary disease and preoperative use of medication for anxiety or depression.

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