The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 10, 1846 - 1850

Patellar Clunk Syndrome in a Current High Flexion Total Knee Design

Agarwala, Sanjay R. et al.

This retrospective study of 208 (204 patients) total knee arthroplasties evaluated the incidence of patellar clunk syndrome for two high-flex posterior stabilized knee prostheses; a high-flex fixed bearing prosthesis and a high-flex mobile bearing prosthesis. Patients were followed for up to two years and were evaluated for patellar clunk and component position. Knees receiving the mobile bearing had a significantly higher (p < 0.001) incidence of patellar clunk (15%) than knees receiving the fixed bearing (0%). There was a significantly higher incidence of patellar clunk in males (34.1%; p < 0.01) compared to females (8.6%). Fibrous nodules were treated surgically in 11 of the knees with patellar clunk. The design of this particular mobile bearing knee seems to contribute to patellar clunk syndrome.

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