The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 8, 152 - 156

Laser Scanning as a Useful Tool in Implant Retrieval Analysis: A Demonstration Using Rotating Platform and Fixed Bearing Tibial Inserts

Stoner, Kirsten E. et al.
Hip Knee

Objective methods for analyzing arthroplasty retrieval implants are needed. To address this, we used a readily available laser scanner to analyze damage deviations between cohorts of rotating platform and fixed bearing inserts previously analyzed using traditional, subjective retrieval analysis methods. We asked the following research questions: 1) Do articular surface deviations measured by the scanner correlate with the subjective damage scores? 2) Do articular surface deviations differ between inserts due to design differences? Correlations between deviations and damage scores were present in RP but not FB inserts. Seven different deviation patterns were present between the RP and FB inserts and were a function of design. In conclusion laser scanning was found to be a useful objective tool for analyzing arthroplasty retrievals.

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