The Knee, ISSN: 0968-0160, Vol: 17, Issue: 1, Page: 33-37

In vivo weight-bearing kinematics with medial rotation knee arthroplasty

Moonot, Pradeep; Shang, Mu; Railton, Gilbert T; Field, Richard E; Banks, Scott A

Knee arthroplasties are designed to accommodate flexion, axial rotation and anteroposterior (AP) translation. Axial rotation during extension varies, with some rotating platform devices allowing unrestricted rotation while some conforming fixed-bearing designs almost none. The purpose of this study was to examine in vivo kinematics of a fixed-bearing medial rotation-type arthroplasty (MRK) during weight-bearing activities. Fifteen knees with a medial pivot TKA design were studied during step and pivot activities using lateral fluoroscopy and model-image registration. Average knee kinematics during the step activity showed little AP translation or rotation from 0°–100° flexion. During the pivot activity, the mean tibial internal rotation in individual knees was 7° (3°–19°). Mean condylar translations for individual knees were 3 mm medially and 5 mm laterally. The medial pivot prosthesis design provides anteroposterior stability during demanding activities, and exhibits a medial pivot motion pattern when subjected to twisting.

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