Hip surgeons and leg length inequality after primary hip replacement. HIP International, 29(1), 102–108.

Hip surgeons and leg length inequality after primary hip replacement

Loughenbury, F. A., McWilliams, A. B., Stewart, T. D., Redmond, A. C., & Stone, M. H. (2019).

This study reports the results of 2 separate surveys of British Hip Society (BHS) members relating to leg length inequality (LLI) after primary total hip replacement (THR).

Investigates the members’ opinions on the effect of LLI on the outcome of THR and explores the acceptable limits of LLI.

Reports on the intraoperative techniques currently used by BHS members to minimise LLI after THR.

97% of all surgeons completing the survey believed that LLI can affect the outcome of THR.

All surgeons reported using at least 1 intraoperative technique for assessing leg length with a median of 5 techniques. Over 50% of surgeons use 2 or more tests.

89% of surgeons agreed that 15 mm of LLI after primary uncomplicated THR was always acceptable. 90% of surgeons felt that LLI more than 22.74 mm was never acceptable.

Despite the multiple published papers on various methods of assessing leg length intraoperatively, the problem of LLI post THR persists. This study highlights the need for further research to develop a simple intraoperative technique with high accuracy and reproducibility.

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