The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 3, 543.e5 - 543.e8

Failure of the Rotating-Hinge Knee Megaprosthesis

Chuang, Min-Yao et al.

Recently, rotating hinge knee prostheses were applied more frequently due to improving modern implant designs. They are predominantly used in specific conditions with major bone defect or insufficiency of the collateral ligaments around the knee, often as salvage procedures. A case of rotating hinge knee megaprosthesis failure due to isolated tibial polyethylene stopper broken, which was never reported before, was investigated and treated in our institution. We suggested that rotating hinge knee prosthesis with incompetent medial collateral ligament is apt to failure due to the high valgus moment during gait. Sacrificing lateral collateral ligament or cutting the femur in slightly less than the normal 5° to 7° valgus may eliminate the risk of complication.

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