The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 10, 1765 - 1769

Effect of Acetabular Reinforcement Ring With Hook for Acetabular Dysplasia Clarified by Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis

Zhao, Xin et al.

The objective of this study was to biomechanically determine the effect of the severity of acetabular dysplasia, number and positions of screws and type of bone graft material used on the initial fixation strength of the acetabular reinforcement ring with hook (Ganz ring) using the finite element method. Relative micromotion increased as the severity of acetabular dysplasia increased and tended to decrease as the number of screws increased, but varied according to screw placement position. Increased strength of the bone graft material led to decreased relative micromotion. Biomechanically, the Ganz ring can be placed securely using 3 screws in patients with Crowe 1 dysplasia. However, in patients with Crowe 2 or higher dysplasia, it is necessary to spread at least 4 screws across an area of good host bone.

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