Early death following revision total hip arthroplasty. HIP International, 28(4), 400–406.

Early death following revision total hip arthroplasty

Jones, M. D., Parry, M., Whitehouse, M. R., & Blom, A. W. (2018).

The frequency of primary total hip arthroplasty procedures is increasing, with a subsequent rise in revision procedures. This study aims to describe timing and surgical mortality associated with revision total hip arthroplasty (THA) compared to those on the waiting list.

All patients from a single institution who underwent revision total hip arthroplasty or were added to the waiting list for the same procedure between 2003 and 2013 were recorded. Mortality rates were calculated at 30 and 90 days following surgery or addition to the waiting list.

561 patients were available for the survivorship analysis in the surgical group. Following exclusion, 901 and 484 patients were available for the 30 and the 90-day analysis in the revision THA waiting list group.

30- and 90-day mortality rates were significantly greater for the revision THA group compared to the waiting list group (excess surgical mortality at 30 days = 0.357%, p = 0.037; odds ratio of 5.22, excess surgical mortality at 90 days = 0.863%, p = 0.045).

Revision total hip arthroplasty is associated with a significant excess surgical mortality rate until 90 days post-operation when compared to the waiting list population. We would encourage other authors with access to larger samples to use our method to quantify excess mortality after both primary and revision arthroplasty procedures.

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