The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 5, 740 - 746

Does the Method of Component Fixation Influence Clinical Outcomes After Total Knee Replacement? A Systematic Literature Review

Arnold, John B. et al.

A systematic literature review was conducted to identify the best available evidence describing the differences in clinical outcome associated with the different methods of total knee replacement (TKR) fixation. Randomized trials published between 1980 and January 2011 comparing differences in clinical outcome scores between groups allocated to either cemented or uncemented fixation for TKR were included. Nine of the 11 studies included in the review reported no significant differences in clinical outcomes between groups with either cemented or uncemented prosthesis components. Critical appraisal of methodological bias revealed consistent shortcomings in study design and execution. It is apparent that more rigorous studies with longer follow-up periods are required to verify which method of fixation may be preferable in enhancing clinical outcomes.

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