Distraction osteogenesis as a salvage method in infected knee megaprostheses.

Distraction osteogenesis as a salvage method in infected knee megaprostheses

Hatzokos, Ippokratis; Stavridis, Stavros I; Iosifidou, Eirini; Petsatodis, Georgios; Christodoulou, Anastasios

Infection of total knee replacement represents a severe complication. Especially in cases of infected megaprostheses, treatment options are limited and even amputation may become unavoidable. We present two cases of infected knee hinged megaprostheses. Both were treated by prosthesis removal and debridement of all surrounding infected bone and soft tissue, followed by distraction osteogenesis for the bridging of the large bone defect which had resulted. Implant removal and surgical debridement were combined with Ilizarov frame application and femoral and tibial osteotomies in a one-stage procedure, for commencing distraction osteogenesis. After bone transportation was completed, arthrodesis of the knee in both cases was successful. Two years after completion of the treatment, both patients demonstrate a stable knee arthrodesis and a satisfactory clinical result. The described treatment plan represents an effective salvage method in cases of infected knee megaprostheses that can successfully address both the need for a stable arthrodesis and the avoidance of a severe leg-length discrepancy by bridging the extensive bone defect.

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