Bone Joint Res 2020;9(6):311–313.

Debridement for prosthetic joint infections

S-T. Jerry Tsang, Rhidian Morgan-Jones, A. Hamish R. W. Simpson
Ankle Elbow Hip Knee Shoulder Wrist

Debridement is a central tenet in the management of prosthetic joint infections (PJIs). Modern debridement has three distinct stages: 1) surgical; 2) mechanical/physical; and 3) chemical.1 Given more recent understanding in the pathogenesis of PJI,2 the microscopic targeting of the bacterial biofilm and intracellular pathogens should also be included in the art of debridement.2,3 The adequacy of debridement is critical to the success of single-stage procedures, which have been shown to result in lower patient morbidity and healthcare costs.4 There is currently an unmet clinical need to optimize debridement in the management of PJI.

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