Custom Uncemented Revision Stems Based on a Femoral Classification. HIP International. 2010;20(1):18-25.

Custom Uncemented Revision Stems Based on a Femoral Classification

Hua J, Walker PS, Muirhead-Allwood SK, Engelhardt F, Bentley G.

From the outcome of 175 cases, a group of 4 types of custom-designed HA-coated hip stems, based upon an incremental scale of bone condition, was demonstrated to be sufficient for use with the variety of cavitary defects encountered in revision hip surgery. Harris Hip Score evaluation showed a significant improvement in hip pain and function. Radiographic measurements of axial migration over a 4-year period were less than 2 mm. The migration data were similar across the 4 types of revision stem. A follow-up using DEXA scans showed preservation of bone in all regions up to 4 years, which justifies the design rationale for the close fit of the stems in the proximal region in achieving initial stability and strain transfer.

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