The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 27, Issue 6, 1149 - 1154

Custom-Fit Total Knee Arthroplasty: Our Initial Experience in 32 Knees

Bali, Kamal et al.

We share our initial experience of total knee arthroplasty (TKA) using customized cutting block technology in 32 TKAs from May 2010 to March 2011. Ten of these patients had prior TKA done on the other side using conventional or navigation-assisted TKA. Customized cutting blocks were generated for each of the knee using preoperative magnetic resonance imaging of knee and long-leg weight-bearing radiographs. At 6 weeks, long-leg radiographs were obtained to evaluate the coronal alignment. There were no adverse intraoperative events. Twenty-nine of the 32 knees had a mechanical axis restored to within 3°° of neutral. Of 10 patients with prior TKA without custom-fit technology, the mean blood loss and the mean skin-to-skin time was found to be lower in knees that had undergone custom-fit TKA. We conclude that this technology can be safely used in most of the cases of osteoarthritis.

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