The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 29, Issue 4, 653 - 656

Cross-Sectional Imaging in Evaluation of Soft Tissue Reactions Secondary to Metal Debris

Kwon, Young-Min

An integral component of systematic treatment algorithms to optimize evaluation and management of patients with MoM hip arthroplasty recommend the use of cross-sectional imaging to diagnose the presence of adverse local tissue reactions. Cross-sectional imaging studies such as ultrasound is a useful screening tool to detect the presence of a soft-tissue mass adjacent to a MoM implant. MARS MRI is a useful diagnostic test for assessing MoM hip arthroplasty and modular taper corrosion for adverse tissue reactions. Each cross-sectional imaging modality has unique utility and limitations. As metal artifact reduction technique continues to be refined, the utility of MARS MRI in evaluating patients with MoM hip arthroplasty and modular taper corrosion is likely to have an increased role in the clinical decision making process. However, over-reliance on any single investigative tool in the clinical decision-making process should be avoided.

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