The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 8, 1349 - 1353

Comparative Pooled Survival and Revision Rate of Austin-Moore Hip Arthroplasty in Published Literature and Arthroplasty Register Data

Sadoghi, Patrick et al.

The aim was to evaluate the pooled survival and revision rate of Austin-Moore hip arthroplasty (AMHA) in published literature and arthroplasty register data. A comprehensive literature analysis of clinical publications and register reports was conducted with the main endpoints revision surgery and revision rate. Sixteen relevant clinical studies have been found to significantly underestimate revision rates by a ratio of 2.15 compared to register data sets. The medium-term outcome of AMHA showed significantly worse outcomes than the use of other bipolar implants, or modular cervicocephalic prostheses and data of journal publications on revision rates deviate significantly from data of arthroplasty registers.

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