The Knee, ISSN: 1873-5800, Vol: 19, Issue: 2, Page: 148-50

Common peroneal nerve palsy associated with pseudotumour after total knee arthroplasty

Harvie, Paul; Torres-Grau, Jana; Beaver, Richard J

Pseudotumours about the hip as a result of metal-on-metal wear debris are now widely reported. Nerve palsies associated with such lesions are less commonly described. To our knowledge no previous reports exist which describe pseudotumours about a total knee arthroplasty. The case of a metal-on-metal debris-induced pseudotumour about a total knee arthroplasty with an associated common peroneal nerve palsy is presented. The use of serum ion levels is discussed, specifically for the early detection and diagnosis of full-thickness polyethylene liner wear and subsequent revision options.

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