The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 27, Issue 4, 507 - 513

Clinical and Patient-Reported Outcomes of Patients With Four Major Lower Extremity Arthroplasties

Hui, Catherine et al.
Hip Knee

Few studies report the outcomes of patients treated with total joint arthroplasty of both hips and both knees. We present the outcomes of 14 patients with total joint arthroplasty of both hips and both knees using validated outcome measures. Eleven patients (79%) were satisfied at final review. Ten patients (71%) required revision surgery of at least one joint. Clinical, functional, radiographic, and patient-reported outcomes were consistent with previously reported outcomes in the literature. Mean Timed Up and Go test was 32 seconds (6-158). Mean Berg Balance Scale was 38.5 (4-55). Good outcomes can be achieved in this group of patients with high levels of satisfaction despite the frequent need for revision surgery. Importantly, it was recognized that these patients have a high risk of falls and must be educated in measures for fall prevention.

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