Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy June 2016, Volume 24, Issue 6, pp 1743–1752

Chondral and osteochondral operative treatment in early osteoarthritis

Angele, P., Niemeyer, P., Steinwachs, M. et al.
Ankle Elbow Hip Knee Shoulder Wrist

In recent years treatment of early osteoarthritis came more and more into focus of orthopaedic research. In particular regenerative therapy options seem to have a high potential to fill the existing treatment gap for patients with early osteoarthritic changes. This article focuses on basic science, recent developments and available clinical data in the important field of operative regeneration procedures for treatment of chondral and osteochondral defects in early degenerative joints. It highlights current knowledge and perspectives of treatment options like microfracture, autologous or allogenous osteochondral transplantations and autologous chondrocyte transplantation. Further the role of biomaterials in a degenerative joint environment is illuminated. First clinical data of regenerative therapy in early osteoarthritis are encouraging to intensify research efforts in this important field. Future treatment perspectives for patients who suffer from early degenerative cartilage changes are discussed.


Level of evidence IV.

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