BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders BMC series – open, inclusive and trusted 2018 19:18

Cementless unicompartmental knee replacement allows early return to normal activity

Benjamin Panzram, Ines Bertlich, Tobias Reiner, Tilman Walker, Sébastien Hagmann & Tobias Gotterbarm


Physical activity and regular participation in recreational sports gain importance in patients’ lifestyle after knee arthroplasty. Cementless unicompartimental Knee replacement with the Oxford System has been introduced into clinical routine. Currently there is no data reporting on the physical activity, return to sports rate and quality of live after medial cementless Oxford Unicompartimental Knee Replacement (OUKR).


This retrospective cohort study reports on the functional outcome of the first 27 consecutive patients (30 knees) that were consecutively treated with a cementless medial OUKR between 2007 and 2009 in our hospital. Physical activity and quality of life were measured using the Tegner-Score, the UCLA-Activity Score, the Schulthess Clinical Activity Questionnaire and the SF-36 Score. The patients’ satisfaction with the outcome was measured using a visual analogue scale.


Mean age at surgery was 62.5 years. Patients showed a rapid recovery with 17 out of 27 patients returning to sports within 3 months, 24 within 6 months after surgery. The Return-to-activity-rate was 100%. 10 out of 27 patients showed a high activity level (UCLA ≥7 points) with a mean postoperative UCLA-Score of 6.1 points.


Patients recover rapidly after cementless OUKR with a return to sports rate of 100% and patients are able to participate in high impact sports disciplines.

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