The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 7, 1192 - 1199

Cementless THA for the Treatment of Osteonecrosis at 10-Year Follow-Up: Have We Improved Compared to Cemented THA?

Bedard, Nicholas A. et al.

Results of cementless THA for osteonecrosis were evaluated at a minimum of 10-year follow-up and compared to our previous report of cemented THA for osteonecrosis. Eighty cementless THAs in 66 patients with osteonecrosis were followed for a minimum of 10 years. Evaluation consisted of need for revision; radiographic evidence of loosening, wear and osteolysis; activity monitoring with an accelerometer; UCLA, Tegner, WOMAC, and Harris hip scores. Results were compared to 48 cemented THAs performed for osteonecrosis with comparable follow-up. At a minimum of 10 years, 10 hips required reoperation. Loosening and revision for loosening were significantly lower in the cementless group compared to the cemented historical control. Cementless fixation in THAs for osteonecrosis demonstrated durable results with bearing surface wear being the major long-term problem.

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