The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 10, 1746 - 1750

Cementless Anatomic Total Hip Femoral Component With Circumferential Porous Coating for Hips With Developmental Dysplasia: A Minimum Ten-Year Follow-Up Period

Kaneuji, Ayumi et al.

Anatomic femoral components are optimized for primary osteoarthritis, and few long-term results for their use are available for developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH). We reviewed 135 uncemented total hip arthroplasties in which an anatomic femoral component was used in 106 patients with DDH, excluding femurs with neck–shaft angles of >160° and femurs with anteversion of >50°. The mean age of patients at surgery was 49.4 years (range, 33–66 years), and the mean duration of follow-up was 13.5 years (range, 10–18 years). No osteoporotic femurs were included in our study group. Despite 18 acetabular revisions, no femoral component was removed for any reason. No femoral loosening was seen at the final follow-up examination. An anatomic femoral component with circumferential porous coating can produce good clinical and radiologic findings in young patients with good bone quality who have DDH without excessive femoral deformity.

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