Cemented ABG-II Prosthesis: 5-Year Results. HIP International. 2015;25(1):56-60.

Cemented ABG-II Prosthesis: 5-Year Results

Krismer M, Nogler M, Huber D, Oberaigner W.

ABG II – cemented anatomic stems share their geometry and instrumentation with the uncemented version and provide a promising concept. This study compares a consecutive series of cemented ABG IIs to a pool of all other implants used during the same observation period at the institution of the authors.

This retrospective study is based on data from our regional hip arthroplasty register. The results of 141 cases with ABG II prosthesis were compared to those of 2,315 cases that were operated during the same period of time and reported in the regional arthroplasty registry. Survival was calculated using the Kaplan Meier method.

The patients with cemented ABG II had a significantly worse preoperative WOMAC sum score and WOMAC domains, and similar ameliorated results as the control group at 1-year follow-up. The 5-year revision rate of the ABG II compares well to the 5-year revision rate of the controls in this study.

Revision rate and health related, quality of life, of cases with cemented ABG prosthesis are similar to those of a register based control group.

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