The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 29, Issue 10, 2002 - 2006

Cement in Cement Revision of the Femoral Component Using a Collarless Triple Taper: A Midterm Clinical and Radiographic Assessment

Stefanovich-Lawbuary, Natalija S. et al.

This study describes the midterm clinical and radiological results of the cement in cement technique for the femur using a collarless triple taper. Radiographic assessment was made retrospectively from 44 patients at two time points. Clinical outcomes included the Oxford Hip Score, EQ5D and Self Reported Patient Satisfaction Scale. Implant and patient survival were also recorded. The mean clinical follow up period was 5 years 3 months and the radiological follow up 2 years 10 months. The mean OHS was 34, the mean EQ5D 0.814 and the mean SAPS 94. Kaplan–Meier survival with revision, as the end point was 95.2% at 11 years with a survivorship of 76.5% with death as the end point. Cement in cement revision using a collarless triple tapered stem demonstrates promising results both clinically and radiologically at midterm follow up.

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