International Orthopaedics August 2011, Volume 35, Issue 8, pp 1119–1124

Birmingham hip resurfacing: Five to eight year results

Aleksi Reito, Timo Puolakka, Jorma Pajamäki

Hip resurfacings have been performed in our hospital since May 2001, and in this retrospective study, we analysed the clinical and radiological outcome of the first 144 prostheses (126 patients). One hundred and seven patients have visited our hospital for regular follow-up examination; 16 are not in regular follow-up and were sent a Harris Hip Score (HHS) questionnaire. Three patients live abroad. Mean follow-up was six years. One patient was lost during follow-up. Four prostheses have been revised. The six year cumulative survival rate was 96.7%. Two female patients required revision for aseptic lymphocyte-dominated vascular associated lesions (ALVAL) and two male patients due for femoral head necrosis. Both reoperated female patients had cup inclination >60°. Mean HHS in the follow-up was 95.3, and mean patient satisfaction 2.53 on a scale 0–3. Neck thinning >10% was seen in seven hips and impingement in 12 hips.

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