The Knee, ISSN: 1873-5800, Vol: 18, Issue: 6, Page: 488-90

Bilateral total knee replacement in a congenital amputee with bilateral fibular deficiency

A. G. Dudhniwala; S. Singh; R. Morgan-Jones

We present the first ever reported case of bilateral total knee replacements in a congenital amputee with bilateral fibular deficiency. A 60 year old woman with bilateral fibular hemimelia presented with advanced osteoarthritis in both her knees for which bilateral total knee replacements was performed. The left knee replacement was followed up at 12 months and the right knee at 7 years. Oxford knee scores improved from 14 to 40 for the left knee and were 37 for the right knee. She was able to walk independently to a distance beyond 400 m. Modification in the surgical procedure and postoperative rehabilitation is discussed. Mid-term follow-up of 7 years reaffirms total knee replacement as a viable option for below knee amputees with knee osteoarthritis.

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