Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc (2010) 18: 346.

Arthroscopic arthrolysis for the treatment of stiffness after total knee replacement gives moderate improvements in range of motion and functional knee scores

Arbuthnot, J.E. & Brink, R.B.

Twenty-two total knee replacements (TKR’s) were treated for stiffness with arthroscopy and arthrolysis. The median follow-up was 38 months. No patients were lost to follow up. Extensive scarring was found and debrided in all of the knees. The mean Oxford Knee Score improved from 42.6 (±7.5) to 36.3 (±8.5) (P < 0.05) with TKR and from 36.3 (±8.5) to 29.3 (±9.0) (P < 0.05) with arthroscopic arthrolysis. The mean arc of motion improved from 8–69° post-TKR to 3–105° on table, but declined slightly to 4–93° (P < 0.05) at most recent review. Arthroscopic arthrolysis compares well with other methods of treatment for stiffness with regard to improvements in range of motion and functional knee scores.

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