International Orthopaedics November 2012, Volume 36, Issue 11, pp 2197–2203

Application and survival curve of total hip arthroplasties: a systematic comparative analysis using worldwide hip arthroplasty registers

Sadoghi, P., Schröder, C., Fottner, A. et al.


The aim of the study was to compare primary total hip arthroplasty (THA) implantations between different countries in terms of THA number per inhabitant, age, and procedure type and to compare the survival curve including all THAs using hip arthroplasty registers.


THA registers were compared between different countries with respect to the number of primary implantations per inhabitant and age, procedure type and survival curve. We performed a literature search for all national hip arthroplasty registers providing annual reports for 2009 or, if not available, a more recent period. The data from these reports were analysed in terms of number, age distribution and procedure type of primary THAs and survival curves.


We identified nine hip arthroplasty registers, which comprised sufficient data to be included. A large variation was found in the annual number of primary THA implantations per inhabitant. The procedure type varied greatly as well, e.g. in Sweden 67 % are cemented THAs whereas in Emilia-Romagna (Italy) 89 % are cementless THAs.


This study revealed large differences in terms of the annual number of primary THAs per inhabitant and primary THA procedure type across countries. These data can be used to rank local primary THA implantations within an international context.

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