The Knee, ISSN: 1873-5800, Vol: 18, Issue: 6, Page: 464-9

An intraoperatively moulded PMMA prostheses like spacer for two-stage revision of infected total knee arthroplasty

Kohl, Sandro; Evangelopoulos, Dimitrios S; Kohlhof, Hendrik; Krueger, Andreas; Hartel, Maximilian; Roeder, Christoph; Eggli, Stefan

We report a series of 16 consecutive total knee arthroplasty (TKA) revision procedures for deep infection, treated with a newly developed intraoperatively moulded PMMA cement-prostheses-like spacer (CPLS). The standard treatment consisted of a two-stage protocol with initial explantation of the infected components combined with radical debridement, followed by implantation of a temporary cement spacer and final reimplantation of a new TKA. A sterilizeable Teflon tapered aluminium mould was developed for production of a custom made CPLS during the intervention. Stable implantation of the CPLS was achieved with a second cementation, allowing for correct alignment and ligament balancing. The spacer remained 3.5 months on average until reimplantation of a TKA occurred. At time of reimplantation, patients had an average KSS score of 84.44 points with an average flexion capacity of 102°. There was no recurrent infection during the study period of minimum 2 years. With this new technique, a low friction articulation with good stability, high comfort and a better range of motion compared to handcrafted spacers was achieved. The use of this spacer is a time sparing, cheap and convenient option in 2-stage TKA revision.

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