The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 28, Issue 2, 375.e5 - 375.e8

Adverse Local Tissue Response Lesion of the Knee Associated With Morse Taper Corrosion

McMaster, William C. et al.

Modularity in arthroplasty components has increased options for solving complex issues in primary and revision procedures. However, this technology introduces the risk of accelerated metal ion release as a result of fretting or passive crevice corrosion within the Morse taper junction. Cobalt toxicity locally and systemically has been described with hip metal bearing surfaces and may be accentuated with ion release from Morse tapers. This is a case report of a knee adverse local tissue response lesion associated with corrosion within the Morse taper of a revision knee arthroplasty in the absence of systemic metal allergy.

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