The Journal of Arthroplasty, Volume 29, Issue 2, 432 - 437

Acetabular Reconstruction Using a Kerboull Cross-Plate, Structural Allograft and Cemented Dual-Mobility Cup in Revision THA at a Minimum 5-Year Follow-Up

Wegrzyn, Julien et al.

The current study aimed to evaluate the outcome of a continuous and prospective series of 61 revision THAs with AAOS grade III and IV acetabular bone defect reconstruction using a Kerboull cross-plate, structural allograft and cemented dual mobility cup (Saturne, Amplitude, Valence, France). At a 7.5-year mean follow-up, no instability was reported after revision. In addition, no failure of the acetabular reconstruction was observed in 98% of the patients with complete allograft osseointegration and no evidence of mechanical rupture of the Kerboull cross-plate and/or loosening of the cemented dual mobility cup. In conclusion, such reconstruction technique demonstrated excellent results at mid-term follow-up in terms of prevention of instability after revision, restoration of the acetabular bone stock, and stable cemented fixation of the dual mobility cup.

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