The Journal of Arthroplasty , Volume 33 , Issue 10 , 3226 - 3230

A Wedge-Shaped Uncemented Femoral Component: Survivorship in Patients Younger Than 50 Years at a Mean Follow-Up of 22 Years

Valkering, Lucia J.J. et al.


This study presents the results of the long-term survival of a wedge-shaped uncemented femoral component in a cohort of young patients with a follow-up of 20-25 years.


In a consecutive series of 85 patients (100 hips), aged less than 50 years at the time of primary total hip arthroplasty, the long-term survival of the Cementless Spotorno femoral component was analyzed by performing a Kaplan-Meier survival analysis (95% confidence interval [CI]).


The mean follow-up was 22 years (range, 19.7-25.5). The clinical and radiographic outcomes were satisfactory. The overall survival rate of the femoral component was 93.4% after 23.8 years (95% CI, 85.9%-97.0%). Survival with revision for aseptic loosening as the end point was 94.4% (95% CI, 87.0%-97.6%) after 23.8 years.


This study shows an excellent long-term survival of this specific wedge-shaped uncemented femoral component after 20 to 25 years in patients younger than 50 years.

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