The Journal of Arthroplasty , Volume 33 , Issue 8 , 2660 - 2665

A Retrieval Analysis of Impingement in Dual-Mobility Liners

Scott, Trevor P. et al.


Implant-related impingement is likely a major causative factor of total hip arthroplasty (THA) instability. Dual-mobility (DM) cups can theoretically improve stability in THA, but impingement rates with DM cups are not well studied. We examined retrieved DM THA liners to determine if less evidence existed for prosthetic impingement between the neck and the polyethylene liner than historical studies from our institution on fixed-bearing THAs.


DM components from 93 THAs were identified from 164 THAs whose DM components were revised between 2008 and 2015 through our institutional review board–approved implant retrieval program. The mean age was 63 ± 11 years, mean body mass index was 30 ± 7 kg/m2, and mean length of implantation was 2.08 ± 1.89 years. Two independent graders scored each liner for the presence and severity of impingement. Radiographs were evaluated for inclination, anteversion, change in leg length, and combined offset.


Only 21.5% (20/93) of DM cups showed evidence of impingement compared to 77% (75/97) of fixed-bearing cups found in a previous study performed at our institution (P < .001). Of the revision components, 35.2% (5/14) demonstrated evidence of impingement compared to 19.7% (14/71) implanted in primary surgery (P = .189). In the cohort revised for instability, the rate of impingement was 35.3% (6/17); for the implants revised for any other reason, the impingement rate was 18.4% (14/77) (P = .126).


This study demonstrates that DM liners significantly reduce the rate of impingement (21.5%) when compared to fixed-bearing liners (77%).

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